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Frequently Asked Questions

The Team Alignment Survey is a team assessment designed to measure the degree to which team members of an intact team are in alignment on the team’s Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Priorities and Roles.  In addition, it measures the level of trust as per Intégro’s Trust Model within the team which is an essential component of high performing teams.

Intact teams that are not aware of the degree of alignment in the team and based on the behavior of some team members believe that the level of alignment is not where it needs to be. Teams that have been through a change in membership or a change in strategy would also benefit from using the TAS.

The types of conversations that team members need to have to ensure that all team members are clear about the six factors of team alignment and fully approve of them require a high level of trust. Our research clearly shows that there is a strong correlation between trust and alignment. When trust is low, alignment will be low and vice versa.

The TAS produces both an overall team report and each team member receives their own individual report so that they can see how they rated the team compared to the overall team ratings on both trust and alignment. These individual reports are confidential and only the team member receives a copy of their individual report.

The benefit of this individual report is that each team member can see whether they see things the same way as other team members or not and are more likely to speak up when they are not clear or disapprove of the direction the team is going.

There are twenty-four questions measuring Team Alignment, four for each of the six factors being measured. Of the four questions in each category, two are measuring clarity and two are measuring approval. It is important to note that the clarity questions are measuring overall team clarity by asking team members how clear they think the team is rather than how clear they personally are. However, on the approval questions, they are being asked whether they personally approve or not.

There are sixteen questions measuring Team Trust, two for each of the eight Values that Build Trust. All forty questions are measured on a six-point scale. The Team Alignment questions are measured from 1 being Strongly Disagree to 6 being Strongly Agree. In the Team Trust section team members are responding to the frequency with which they see these behaviors from 1 being Almost Never to 6 being Almost Always.

There are also two open item questions where team members can type in literal responses – one asking what the team could do to increase alignment, and another asking what the team could do to increase the trust level.

The questionnaire should take between ten and fifteen minutes to complete depending on how much detail the team member wants to put into their literal responses to the two open item questions.

The TAS is the only team assessment that measures trust to the depth that we do with the proprietary Intégro Trust Model. With the strong correlation between Team Trust and Team Alignment, we can confidently say that teams are more likely to achieve high levels of alignment and performance if they focus first on building a high level of trust.

The TAS produces both an overall team report and an individual report for each team member. Individual reports are only provided to the team member and enables them to see how they rated the team compared to the overall team ratings on both trust and alignment.

The Team Alignment Survey is totally confidential to the participants. No one in the organization has access to any raw data and individual responses. Only the team member receives their individual report while all team embers receives a copy of the team report.

Yes. There are two ways to become certified to use the Team Alignment Survey.  One way is to complete a full certification for Trust Inside Assessments which involves watching a pre-recorded 45-minute webinar overview and then participating in four 2-hour virtual workshops over four weeks. Alternatively, you can become certified in only the TAS by watching a pre-recorded 45-minute webinar overview and then participating in one 2-hour virtual workshop.

In addition to the online training, you will receive a Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook, a PowerPoint file and Development Notes for you to facilitate up to ½ day debrief of TAS results. We also supply videos of how to explain the Intégro models used in the debrief and poster quality pdf files of those models for you to print if you wish for any face to face debrief sessions. Intégro’s experienced team will be available on a continuing basis to provide support throughout your use of this survey.

The TIA Central Platform is a dedicated survey platform that manages all TIA surveys from sending individual invitation links to downloading a Team Alignment Survey report.

The Platform enables an account holder to email invitations, reminders and manage the entire survey process up to and including the downloading of reports. The set-up and data collection enable concurrent survey’s to be run and provides absolute confidentiality to all those participating in the survey.

The Platform is held on a secure server in New South Wales, Australia and is managed and supported by an independent certified IT Management Company on behalf of Intégro Learning Company.

In May 2020, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), model fit indicators, and Composite Reliability (CR) were used to test the underlying structure and internal consistency of the two subscales – Team Alignment score and Team Trust score. Each sub-scale demonstrated a strong underlying structure and a strong internal reliability.  The full Psychometric Analysis Report is available on request.

Intégro Learning Company provides dedicated Platform support in all areas of Platform function and Team Alignment Survey debrief. We are committed to helping you get the very best out of this survey.

If you have been certified to facilitate the Team Alignment Survey, we provide you with all the information you need to run the survey on the Platform, debrief materials and any support you may need to successfully deliver a TAS to an organization. If you wish to complete a TAS and are not certified, we can support you with managing the survey and debriefing the results as per our platform and consultation fees.

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