Agile Leaders Create Agile Workplaces

Creating an agile workplace can only be done by flexible leaders. Flexible leaders are not only open-minded and adaptable, they are willing to change their minds when faced with new evidence.

Inflexible leaders are intransigent – they are unwilling to or refuse to change their views or to agree with something that conflicts with their beliefs and if allowed, will keep your organisation stuck in the past.

What is Interpersonal Flexibility?

It is the ability to see others needs as at least as important as your own.

People who are low on flexibility are typically not interested in the needs of others. They are only focused on what they want to get out of a situation or relationship. As a result, others find it difficult to trust an inflexible leader, someone who is not interested in others needs and is only interested in what they can get out of a relationship?

The Flexibility and Trust Survey is a Wake-up Call for Inflexible Leaders

Inflexible leaders think they are trustworthy because they are consistent, they always do things the same way and people are clear about their views and the way they want things done. However, because they are focused on their own agenda and their own needs, they don’t realize people have difficulty trusting them. This survey highlights the leaders’ ability to build trust, be flexible and focus on mutual needs.


Valuable observer feedback across key components of interpersonal effectiveness in work relationships.


Individuals to pinpoint and improve their emotional intelligence to grow their effectiveness in workplace relationships.


Tools and guidance for Leaders to transform culture by increasing their trust building ability.

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