Why Measure Passion Rather Than Engagement?

Engagement is not enough! Our research shows more than half of the workforce is engaged in the work they do, yet 50% of employees are emotionally disconnected from the organization they work for.

Measuring ‘passion’ through the Employee Passion Survey will provide you with the means to understand how connected your employees are to your organization. We chose to measure employee passion rather than engagement because your business will only continue to grow when employees are both passionate for the work they do on a day-to-day basis and for your organization.

Our research shows organizations need their employees to be emotionally connected to both their work and the organization to enable them to work at their best, hence our use of the more emotive term, ‘Passion’ and in our experience, there is a significant difference between passion for the job and passion for the organization.

We have found that people who are passionate for both their work and their organization are substantially more committed to the organization and alternatively if they are passionate only about their day-to-day work – their profession – they could easily do it somewhere else.


The Key to creating Passion for an Organization

When your organization satisfy the five needs that ignite passion, your employees will trust you more and will be more passionate about what they do and your organization.


Employee feedback on the degree the five needs that ignite passion are being satisfied and the overall level of trust in the organization. In addition, three open item questions gather valuable anonymous verbatim comments from employees


How well team members believe the organization is operating by the eight Values that Build Trust™ and the impact that trust, or lack of it, is having on team members passion for what they do and for
the organization.


The impact management behaviour is having on the organization, focusing on the five employee needs that ignite passion; to be respected, to learn and grow, to be an insider, to do meaningful work and to be on a winning team.

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