Trust Inside Certification

Trust Inside Certification takes your knowledge of the importance of trust and personal responsibility in company culture to another level. This increased knowledge will give you the expertise and strategies you need to become proficient in how to use and implement the Trust Inside suite of assessments as a valuable and powerful tool for business growth. For both our face to face or online Certification program you will be given the ability to thoroughly understand each assessment and gain firsthand experience to enable immediate implementation.



To understand how to “Light a Fire within team members – rather than under them!”
To understand the significant difference between engagement and passion.
To understand the foundations for a culture of trust and personal responsibility.
To learn how to support organisations to build stronger trust relationships with all stakeholders.
To learn how to support leaders in being flexible and grow their ability to build trust within their organisation.
To learn how to integrate all three assessments in an organisation.
To learn how to utilise the research documents and TIA support materials to support your implementation of these assessments.



Our Certification program will give you the knowledge, skills and tools to implement the assessments immediately. Our Trust Inside support is second to none, giving you continued support throughout your application of these assessments, including TIA Central Platform instructions and support and a complete set of personalised documents for your use within your organisation and/or with your clients. You will build competence and confidence in using the Trust Inside Assessments upon successful completion of the certification.

You will come away with:


A Valuable Credential

  • Participants receive a Certification credential, bringing them the confidence and the credibility they need to deliver a best practice Trust Inside Assessment.


Depth of Knowledge

  • Participants will learn directly from Keith Ayers, CEO of Intégro and Founder of Trust Inside Assessments. 40 years of knowledge and experience will be at your fingertips to assist you to apply these tools with confidence and well-documented research.


Lasting Impact

  • The Certification not only provides you with a high-quality business tool, it will also provide you with valuable learning for both business and personal application.



This Certification is intended for Executives, HR Executives and key decision-makers in organisations, as well as HR, Training and Development Consultants in any industry.

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