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The Trust Inside Assessments allow you to unlock your client’s true potential and achieve a high-performing culture, align teams and increase leadership agility. Certification is right for you if…

  • You are a Leadership Coach and/or Organizational Development Consultant (aka: Culture Shaper, Change Agent) who wants to expand your services and offerings.
  • You have heart, talent, and a vision bigger than yourself that will benefit others.
  • You often see what others cannot see but it’s hard to explain it to them because you’re not sure how to measure it (Trust Inside Assessments helps you measure it so they can manage it)
  • You want to expand the reach of your work and crave community while doing so.
  • Your philosophy on using assessments is that they serve as an opening for exploration and discovery, allowing you to have conversations that get to the heart of the matter.
  • You want to connect and collaborate with like-minded Culture Shapers to create organizational cultures built on trust and empower organizational leaders to increase their agility to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.

For Leadership Coaches

Becoming Certified in The Trust Inside Assessments will enable you to build your capabilities as a Leadership Coach or Organizational Development Consultant so you can support your clients to build a culture of trust.

For L&D and HR Leaders

Partner with an Intégro Associate to discuss how to utilize Trust Inside Assessments to deliver measurable changes within your organization and inspire a culture built on trust.

Help your clients light a fire within their team!

“Trust is essential to building enduring connections with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we do business. And it drives the risk-taking that leads to innovation and progress.”

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

Most business leaders understand the importance of trust in their businesses, but many don’t know how to describe trust or measure it.

Intégro has been measuring trust in businesses for over 40 years. As a result, we have acquired significant knowledge and experience that help organizations build stronger trust relationships with all stakeholders.

Drawing on four decades of research and analysis, Intégro has developed this range of Trust Inside Assessments that measure the degree of trust at all levels of the organization, as well as other key metrics like employee passion, team alignment, and interpersonal flexibility.

Get Certified

The Process

Phase 1: Pre-work for the Certification Program

Familiarity with Everything DiSC. If you are not a DiSC user or have not completed an Everything DiSC profile, we ask you to complete one prior to this certification program. We will provide you access to the DiSC assessment.

Phase 2: Certification Program

Completion of 5 sessions with no less than attendance at 3 live sessions.

All sessions are recorded. If you must miss a live class, you are required to listen to the recording and submit a written review form (provided in the program materials)

Phase 3: Application

Administer and debrief the Flexibility & Trust Survey with a client of your choosing, followed by a 1-hour review call with Jenna Stoliker or Keith Ayers.

The Agenda

5-week Program 

Spring 2024

April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20
3pm – 5pm MST/Arizona

Session 1: Orientation
  • The High Costs of Low Trust | The Trust Factor
  • The Intégro Trust Model
  • The Whole Person Concept | Personal Responsibility
  • The Purpose-Driven Organization
  • Building Trust with DiSC
  • TIA Assessments Research and Findings
Session 2: Employee Passion Survey (EPS)
  • The High Cost of Lost Trust
  • The Passion Pyramid
  • Why Measure Passion and Not Engagement
  • Levels of Employee Passion & Emotional Disconnect
  • How to debrief the Employee Passion Report
  • Resources | Facilitators Guide & Workbook
Session 3: Team Alignment Survey (TAS)
  • Introduction to the Team Alignment Survey
  • Reasons for Team Conflicts
  • Review of the critical factors measured in the report
  • The importance of clarity and approval
  • How to debrief the Team Alignment Report
  • How to debrief the Team Trust Report
  • Review and debrief of individual results
Session 4: Flexibility and Trust Survey (FTS)
  • Introduction to the Flexibility and Trust Survey
  • Defining Interpersonal Flexibility
  • Characteristics of a flexible person
  • Seeing change as an opportunity not a threat
  • How to debrief the Interpersonal Flexibility Report
  • Dealing with defensive behavior
  • How to debrief the Interpersonal Trust Report
  • Understanding the two subscales Communication and Consistency
  • Outline how to get started with building trust
  • Action Plans for Increasing Flexibility and Trust-Building Ability
Session 5: Consulting with all three assessments
  • Situations you use more than one TIA assessment
  • Which TIA assessment should you use first?
  • Using the TAS and EPS with the senior executive team
  • Using the FTS to increase the impact of the TAS
  • Using the FTS to increase the impact of the EPS group leaders
  • Positioning yourself to use multiple assessments
  • Using the Research Reports

Registration Process

  1. Complete the application here
  2. Make your payment to join the program

Certification Fee

$2,195 USD


Registration deadline: April 17

Benefits of Certifcation

  • Deeper understanding of the assessments, psychometric reports and white papers provided by Intégro Leadership Institute so you can cultivate organizational culture, team performance and leadership agility
  • Educate decision-makers on the impact of trust on organizational performance so you feel more confident in your skills
  • Expand our ability to get team leaders to understand the importance of alignment and trust in their teams
  • Learn how to stimulate interest in the EPS to measure employee passion rather than engagement so you can make a bigger impact
  • Develop a list of key questions to ask to help decision makers reach the conclusion that they need you and The Trust Inside Assessments

What’s Included

  • Trust Inside Assessments Facilitators Guide
  • Resource materials to support the survey administration
  • One Flexibility and Trust Survey for use  with a client to complete certification (retail value $400)
  • Ongoing support to assist with the interpretation of client’s results
  • Training on the TIA Central Platform to administer assessments (up to 3 hours in total)
  • Personalized marketing material
  • Product Specific Participant Workbooks with your details (PDF format for printing) and PowerPoints for client debriefs
  • Monthly calls with Trust Inside Associates
  • Membership community for discussion, Q&A, resources, and support

FAQs about Certification

Who is the Trust Inside Assessments Certification for?

Trust Inside Certification Assessments is for external Coaches and Consultants working with organizational leaders to shape the culture, improve team alignment, and increase leadership agility.

What is the course structure and time commitment?

The Trust Inside Assessments is structured as a 5-week, immersive learning experience that combines self-directed online learning with live, virtual facilitation sessions.

Participants will need to commit to approximately 20 hours over the 5 weeks and approximately 5 – 6 hours to complete the Capstone project to complete certification.


  • Self-directed online learning (1 hour)

Week 1: Orientation

  • Monday: Live session (2 hours)
  • Tuesday – Friday: Self-Directed Online Learning (2 hours)

Week 2: Employee Passion Survey

  • Monday: Live session (2 hours)
  • Tuesday – Friday: Self-Directed Online Learning (2-3 hours)

Week 3: Team Alignment Survey

  • Monday: Live session (2 hours)
  • Tuesday – Friday: Self-Directed Online Learning (2-3 hours)

Week 4: Flexibility & Trust Survey

  • Monday: Live session (2 hours)
  • Tuesday – Friday: Self-Directed Online Learning (2-3 hours)

Week 5: Consulting with All Three Assessments

  • Monday: Live session (2 hours)


Administer & Debrief Flexibility & Trust Survey with a Leader (5 – 6 hours)

  • Training on TIA Platform
  • Review FTS Debrief with Jenna or Keith
How do I receive my Certified TIA Associate designation?

Upon completing the live virtual sessions, you’ll administer and debrief the Flexibility & Trust Survey with a leader of your choosing. Then you’ll complete a 60-minute certification review meeting with a Certification Mentor.

Can participants earn continuing education units with Trust Inside Assessments Certification?

If you belong to other professional organizations, you can request a letter from Intégro Leadership Institute. This letter would confirm the course information, your completion of the course, and the total hours you spent on the course.

You can use this letter to apply for CEUs (Continuing Education Units) at other professional organizations. However, we cannot guarantee that the organization will accept your coursework for credit.

What are the technical requirements for the course?

This program uses ZOOM for live sessions.

Participants must ensure their computer can interact successfully with this blended learning course. For an optimal experience:

  • Laptop, desktop computer or tablet are preferred. You may find mobile devices are not optimal for your learning experience.
  • Virtual classroom sessions require working computer, speakers, and microphone.
  • To ensure you receive all course emails, be sure to add the following to your Email Safe Sender list:
Is there a learning platform?

Yes, we have a learning platform where you can find the live session call schedule, recordings of live sessions, self-directed learning materials (videos and PDFs), a discussion forum to ask questions and get support, and a library of resources. 

How will this certification program help my consulting business?

Backed by over 50 years of research that enable organizations to build a culture of trust, Intégro Leadership Institute’s suite of assessments give you the tools and evidence-based practices to enable positive culture change with your clients.

When you become a Certified Intégro Associate, you join our community of coaches and consultants who are on a mission to transform the way employees and leaders interact with each other; taking teams from being great to absolutely extraordinary.

What happens after certification?

Certified associates are featured on our website so companies can contact you to administer the surveys with their team. 

You will also be invited to our associate community housed on the same platform as the course materials. In our community, you’ll find

  • a library of resources
  • discussion channels to ask questions and get support in administering the surveys
  • ongoing monthly training calls
  • opportunities to connect with other associates
  • marketing materials to help you sell your services with the TIA Assessments

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