FAQs – Employee Passion Survey

What is the Employee Passion Survey (EPS)?
The Employee Passion Survey is an organizational survey designed to measure the health of an organization’s culture by measuring the level of trust employees have for their leaders and the degree to which they are passionate about their work and the organization.
Who would benefit from the EPS?
Organizations that wish to create a healthier culture to improve business performance and employee retention.
Why measure trust and passion in an organization?
In his book The Future of Management, Gary Hamel, listed the human capabilities that contribute most towards value creation. At the top of the list is employee passion which contributes 35% of the value an organization creates for its stakeholders. Passion is a much more powerful emotion than engagement and our research clearly shows that increasing the trust employees have for their managers significantly increases their passion for both the work they do and the organization they work for.
What does the EPS reveal to an organization?
The EPS identifies employee needs that are not being satisfied and facilitates action planning to ensure these needs are met and employee passion and trust are increased.
What type of questions do survey participants answer?
There are two main sections in the EPS; the Needs that Ignite Passion and the Values that Build Trust. These sections ask employees how important these needs and values are to them personally on a ten-point scale, and then how well the organization is performing in satisfying these needs and operating by the values.
How many questions in the survey and how long does it take to complete?
There are a total of twenty-two questions in the EPS, three of which are open-item questions where respondents can type in verbatim answers. Depending on how much they type in the open item questions, it should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
What is the difference between the EPS and other engagement surveys?
The main difference is that the EPS focuses on employee passion rather than engagement. More specifically, the survey also measures passion for both the work being done and for the organization. Most engagement surveys measure how engaged people are in their work and miss the valuable information about how emotionally connected people are to the organization.
What reports are provided?

The main report is an organization-wide EPS report that provides the overall results for the organization in three sections:

  1. The Passion Index which shows the degree to which the 5 Needs that Ignite Passion are being satisfied;
  2. The Levels of Passion, the percentage of employees in each of the five levels, and
  3. The Values that Build Trust – the importance of these eight values to employees and how well they perceive the organization is operating by these values.

The same report is also available by department, business unit or team, provided there is a minimum of five people, and all have completed the survey.

Download our sample report to see the full explanation of these three sections.

Do the survey participants get a report?
No, there are no individual reports in the EPS.
How confidential is the EPS for participants?
Since there are no individual reports the system cannot generate a report that shows individual responses. No one in the organization has access to any raw data and individual responses are only compiled into group reports, where their scores are averaged with other members of that group.
Do I need to be certified to administer the EPS?

Yes. To become certified to use the EPS you would need to watch a pre-recorded 45-minute webinar overview of the Trust Inside Assessments, then participate in a 2-hour virtual workshop to complete EPS Certification.

Alternatively, you can complete the full Trust Inside Certification by watching the 45-minute overview and then participate in four 2-hour virtual workshops over four weeks.

What's included in the EPS Certification?

In addition to online training, you will receive a Facilitator’s Guide, Debrief Workbook, a PowerPoint file and Development Notes for you to facilitate up to a ½ day debrief of EPS results. We also supply videos of how to explain the Intégro models used in the debrief and poster quality pdf files of those models for you to print if you wish for any face to face debrief sessions. Intégro’s experienced team will be available on a continuing basis to provide support throughout your use of this survey.

Learn more here

What is the TIA Central Platform?
The TIA Central Platform is a dedicated survey platform that manages all Trust Inside surveys. The Platform sends individual invitation links and generates the results of the survey into a full report.
How is the EPS administered on the platform?
The Platform enables an account holder to email invitations, reminders and manages the entire survey process up to and including the downloading of company reports. The set-up and data collection enables concurrent survey’s to be run and provides absolute confidentiality to all those participating in the survey.
How secure is this platform?
The Platform is held on a secure server in New South Wales, Australia and is managed and supported by an independent certified IT Management Company on behalf of Intégro Learning Company.
Is the EPS a valid and reliable assessment?
Psychometric Analysis has been conducted on the data collected from 6,000 respondents. The EPS demonstrates a strong underlying structure and strong internal reliability. The results of this study indicate that the EPS is a valid and reliable measurement tool for organizations to assess the attitudes of their employees. A copy of the Analysis Report is available on our website.
What support is available to administer the EPS Survey?
Intégro Learning Company provides dedicated Platform support in all areas of Platform function and Employee Passion Survey debrief. We are committed to helping you get the very best out of this survey.
What support is available to analyze the report and facilitate the debrief?

If you have been certified to facilitate the Employee Passion Survey, we provide you with all the information you need to manage a survey on the Platform, debrief materials and any support you may need to successfully deliver an EPS to an organization.

If you wish to complete an EPS and are not certified, we can support you with managing the survey and debriefing the results of the survey report as per our platform and consultation fees. Please contact for a quote.

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