Managing Director & Facilitator, Performance Partners Ltd., Ireland.

Is very experienced with a credible business background running businesses. He has been an independent consultant and trainer with the people side of businesses, since 2001. Facilitates learning (with a business purpose) and focuses on team/culture development initiatives to engage people.

He is now formally an Integro Leadership Associate since 2013, and has facilitated and debriefed clients with all of the Integro Trust Inside Surveys.  Has also gone through Integro update certification with Irish clients, in late 2018.

Focus is on personalisation, client results/payback, transfer of learning, culture impact, behavioural change, building trust and initiatives that drive retention of key people.

Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC®.

Contact; Peter O’Connor, Dublin, Ireland. (Direct Line) 353-1-2402255 / (Mobile/cell) 353-87-8337107