Cindy Ishimoto is passionate about cultivating self-directed leaders who help their organizations flourish. She wants managers and teams to know that they CAN change and grow as professionals and leaders.


Experience Matters: Having coached, trained, and delivered presentations for over 35 years, Cindy knows how to deliver proven results and be engaging and inspiring.


Cindy speaks and coaches on growing leaders at every level. Trust and respect are the currency of winning cultures fueling everyone on the team to generate exceptional results.

Her focus is to help organizations build a culture of trust, aligning teams, and developing leaders with more effective trust-building and flexibility skills. A strong culture of trust and flexible leadership helps people and organizations to grow and thrive.


Cindy Ishimoto is a highly sought-after international speaker and coach known for her unique ability to excite, engage and motivate audiences.  Cindy believes every presentation matters, and each one should transform lives one at a time.  Cindy is the perfect choice if you are looking for a speaker or a leadership coach who delivers great content with heart and soul.


Cindy Ishimoto

Intégro Certified Associate

Phone: 808-244-7344





Aloha, Cindy Ishimoto