I am a strategic Human Resources leader and certified professional coach who specializes in aligning organizational talent to the needs of the business. I create these alignments by maximizing employee engagement using HR initiatives such as performance management, career development, and succession and workforce planning (to name a few).

My professional experience spans over 25 years of hands-on HR leadership roles within the professional services, retail, wholesale, and construction industries. Given my experience in the “real world,” I am able to help organizations create practical and affordable solutions to enhance their HR strategies while increasing the engagement of their employees.

Being a teacher by profession, I am a dynamic and creative facilitator who uses a variety of methods to ensure the concepts resound with each learner. My goal is to enable them to create and sustain lasting change in their behavior and skills.

What Ignites Me?

I love to kick back on the deck with good food and good company. I take great pleasure in seeing my guests relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  That same spirit of hospitality is what drives me to connect with others to help them discover and ignite the potential within themselves.  Watching the “AH HA” moments of my clients brings me great joy and fulfilment!

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