Senior Team Alignment Process

Senior Team Alignment Process

Every CEO knows that it is important for their senior team to be in alignment on critical business decisions. At the same time it is equally important to encourage innovation – to create the opportunity for members of the senior team to challenge existing practices and policies and put forward new ideas.

Healthy debate is vital to any senior team's success, and then there is the time where debate must cease and decisions be made. At this time, members of the team must be flexible enough to put personal interests aside and go with the decision that is best for the organisation.

It's about measuring individual accountability with team accountability.

Intégro's Senior Team Alignment Process covers five critical factors that determine whether you senior team can get into alignment and work together to accelerate achievement of your organisation's vision:

  1. The role of the senior team
  2. Interpersonal flexibility; the willingness to be open and listen to each other's ideas
  3. Developing trust, both within the team and with the employees in the organisation
  4. Gaining agreement on the organisations purpose, values and vision
  5. The motivation to be a team



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