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Great leadership is often cited as the key ingredient in a successful organisation, whether it’s a company, non-profit, club, or sports team. Conversely, underperformance and failure is frequently attributed to a lack of leadership. It’s an elusive concept. Many of us assume that leadership is an inherent attribute: you’re either a born leader or you’re not.

This could not be further from the truth. Leaders can be, and usually are, developed over a period of time. Successful leaders have mastered a range of skills. They are seldom just born that way.

The Intégro difference
Many leadership development programs attempt to teach leadership skills in one session – whether it’s a keynote speech of 90 minutes or a five-day intensive leadership retreat. The reality is each of these skills needs to be applied before they are really learned. The uniqueness of Intégro’s approach is the focus on developing one skill at a time and requiring leaders to apply that skill in the workplace.

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We have distilled the complex role of leadership into four core skills:

1. Trust- building
Exceptional leaders have developed the ability to emotionally connect with everyone on their team – regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, experience, qualifications, IQ, years of service, or behavioural style.

2. Mentoring
The best leaders are adept at coaching for performance. The have the ability to sit down with a team member and have an open, honest discussion about their performance is an essential leadership skill.

3. Inspiring Commitment and Passion
Committed employees are more productive, stay with the organisation longer, and deliver the best customer service. Leaders must develop the capability to inspire their employees and ensure they are not only engaged but also passionate about their work.

4. Building Winning Teams
The ultimate achievement for an exceptional leader is to make themselves redundant – to build a team that takes ownership of their own performance and is totally committed to delivering exceptional value every day. While the team may achieve high levels of performance individually and collectively, the need for a leader to provide inspiration, guidance and mentoring typically does not go away.


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