"Keith Ayers possesses an unending curiosity combined with a compelling need to make sense of challenging issues. His natural ability to observe, and then frame a concern with a practical understanding which leads to a solution, is a rare gift."

Curt W. Coffman
Chief Science Officer
MAJERS Corporation
Co-Author of First, Break all the Rules and Follow this Path

More than two-thirds of your workers are checked out, switched off and not paying attention... how do you feel about that?

The group-think in the world of business at the beginning of the 21st century was to create fully engaged employees. Keith Ayers argues Engagement is NOT Enough. He suggests leaders must bring their workforce to an even higher level. Business leaders around the world have tried to demand, request, and even buy, engagement—through bonuses, benefits and share options. Ayers presents a compelling argument that not only will these methods fail, but the goal itself is misguided.

Ayers suggests the first place for leaders to look when seeking the solution - the mirror. Business leaders need to ask themselves: How can I change my behaviour to get the most from my employees? Ayers lays down this challenge to you and argues that by adjusting your own behaviour, and tuning in to the core needs and values of your employees, you can empower each individual in your organisation, and unleash their unique skills and talents.

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